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Common Year 9164; Come One, Come All to…

The Free City of Beryl, the Jewel of the South is hosting the 201st Steel
Realms summer Gladiatorial Games. Free Men and Slaves welcome. Entry fee 100
Silver Crowns per participant (see hereafter). Eternal Glory and additional cash prize
of 5000sc awarded to the winner of the games. Spectator General admission
only 1sc daily, VIP see your local games coordinator for details.

All that win their trial will receive cash and/or bonus rewards as long as
they survive in the games. all participants may bow out of the games without penalty at any
time as long as it’s before your next opponent is picked, it’s not the
final round, and you are a Free Man (however your master may pull you from
the games). any who move to the next elimination round receive bonus awards.

All participants must apply in person at the Gladiatorial Entry Gate at the
Coliseum in Beryl by High Noon 1 week prior to the games.

Incarna hosted War Pit materials

Beryl Summer Gladiatorial Games

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