Beryl Summer Gladiatorial Games

Pre-Game and Opening Day Festivities


Pre-Game and Opening Day Festivities.

1cp and 1ap per battle Plus 1ap bonus = 2cp and 3ap total for the Pre-Game and Opening Day Session.

The Pre-Game [non-lethal] positioning round the combat is chaotic yet amusing. Yappus is favored by 1 point but is eventually taken out by [troy’s character] in the final strike. [Kelly R] finishes dead last even though the others do not focus on him in particular, not even landing a single blow before being taken out by the other two, hardly worthy of the title ‘pit fighter’ (the pit boss petitions the judges to allow [Kelly R] a protection advantage in the opening games lest their investment goes to waste). the judges decide to throw them all in the pits together against a superior foe to see what becomes of them and their antics.

Opening Day Games. the 3 are pitting against 2 superior foes. as our fighters enter the arena there is some conversation between them and Yappus goes into some sort of fit of rage. He suddenly charges the two, almost surprising them and throwing them off guard. they strike at him as he passes by (deflecting off the little one’s shield). the big guy decides Yappus is a threat and focus his attacks on him trying to take him out early. the rest of the group charges in at the end of the round bumping and battering their two opponents [left wide open by Yappus charge and their counter attacks] around and severely wounding [the little one]. [The big guy] takes a swipe at Yappus trying to finish him off but fails to do so. [the little guy is quicly finished off]. [Kelly R] grabs for the [big one’s] extended sword arm but is met with his shield instead, however tying it up in [Kelly R] grip. [Troy] moves to out flank the big guy and swings his broadsword with deadly accuracy looking likely to take the big guy out in a single blow, but at the last moment the big guy heaves with all his might to pull [Kelly R] and his shield into the path to block the lethal blow. in a split second [Kelly R] life certainly flashed before his eyes he releases the grappled shield. wood splinters, hair, and pieces of cut clothing fly, but no flesh, blood, or bone. [Kelly R] narrowing escapes with life with only shorn hair and a big hole cut out of the back of his shirt to show for it. Yappus seizing upon the situation does a flying double kick straight at the back of the big guy, landing squarely in middle full force the big guy goes flying ass over tea kettle, landing in a large ragdoll heap. the crowd goes Wild.


[Yappus] Thats what you get for hurting children!

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