Erick Bundy

spared execution, charismatic sociopath


Building = -10-10-10-6-6-3-1-1-1-2=50-30=20-10=10-6=4/+2+1+1=0

Aptitude: Kinetic 4 / CORE RULES (no kits, etc.); CP = 0 / AP = 2


STA 6 1

CRD 6 +1

RCT 6 +1






PER 6 +1

CHA 6 +1


APP 7 +1


Persuade 31, Anatomy 1+1, Stealth 1, Camouflage 1, Lore: Beryl 1, Streetwise 2, Zoology 1, botany 1

Combat: Melee 5+1, Grapple 3+1, Evade 4+2, Propel 1+2


Good Luck, Compulsion: [strong] Sadism, Compulsion: Murder (will not let opponents live), Code of Conduct: Never Kill a Woman, Kinetic Faculty 2, Toughness 2 (12), Upbringing: Urban (Beryl)/Familiar Locale = Beryl (2)


CHI = 30; “power” (5; 1/-1)

Familiarities: Knives

RESILIENCE = 4×10=40

Tactics #1: Is able to use persuade to convince opponents he is weak and helpless so that first attack is by surprise.

Tactics #2: Knowledge of anatomy: per 2 ALU = reduces penalty of a aggravated wound hit by 1



Erick is a serial killer. From a young age he knew his was different. His mother knew he was different too and tried to protect him. His father beat her to death when he found out about the animals he had been killing and how his mother protected him – he killed his father but it looked like a drunken accident. He is a very social person, but anything he does is very superficial. He has no empathy whatever for fellow people. He is a sadist without mercy – but will never kill a woman. No one truly gets to know him – his claimed hobbies and pursuits are all just an illusion to fit in. In his time in Beryl, he killed three children, and 14 adults that the law knows of. He lead the watch on a 46 day run in which they could not catch him – during which time he became a celebrity to many for his daring near-captures and taunting of his pursuers with graffiti and leaving messages with women whom he would scar somewhere permanently (some of whom did so voluntarily!). Many folk lost site of his crimes, but the law did not. He was bought by one of the War Pit schools rather than be publicly executed.

He is very charismatic and is expected to draw a HUGE crowd for the games. He has a huge cult-like following of women coming to see him – a crowd typically small for the games. Rumors are already out that he’s killed a cell-mate, a handler, strangled a guard, even poisoned other pit fighters… who knows what is true?

Fight Record

#1) Prior tot he fight, heard one of the victim’s families (apparently 1 child was from a prominent family) hired someone to make sure he died. Offered a buckler but has no fend ability. Given a machete (dull; -1 dmg). First opponent has a man wearing leather armor and carrying throwing knives and concealed knives. They were poisoned an induced incapacitation. Then faced Medhi and Jungle Boy. Erick turns out to hate bandits/desert warriors/“towel heads” and Medhi Ali goes right after him. While Jungle Bow deals with the poison knife guy, Medhi kills Erick, but not before erick takes a knife from his own wound, poisons MEdhi and gives him an aggravated wound.

Erick turns out to have a sponsor in the pits… she has him saved and spirited away. Everyone thinks him dead for now.

Erick Bundy

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