Habab Rashab

Best practice Pitfighter


Aptitude: Kinetic 4 (Warrior’s Path/Warrior Kit: Attr; MUS, Skill; Melee/Armed, Cost -1CP to raise MUS/Attr., All Melee learning checks = 1CS)

MUS 8 (

STA 6 (1)

VIT 8 (


CRD 6 (1)


PER 6 (






Appearance = 4: Male, Age = 20, Hair = Black, Eyes = Brown

Size = 12 (1 Dmg), Height = 5’9", Weight = 165bs.


Upbringing: Good Luck= +4cs, simple or, 1 re-roll per session (free), Toughness (2=12),
Kinetic Faculty 2

Power 1/-1CS Melee, fend, grapple, evade,

Familarity: Swords, Shields, Spears, Mace, Knife, Improvised, Unarmed


Language: Border-speak/Snyed; 4, Armor Use; 1 (1=2), Evade; 2 (1=3), Fend; 2 (2=4), Grapple; 2 (2=4), Melee; 3 (2=5), Propel; 1 (2=3), Jumping; 1 (2=3)
Climbing; 1 (2=3), Propel; 1 (2=3), Persona; Tactics; 1 (+1 Int), Team Tactics; 1 (Block/fend against foes for teamate)

CP: 2 (-1 Team Tactics)(-1 Propel)= 0

AP: 3 (-1 RSN Check/Team Tactics)= 2

Silver: 145

Winnings: 180 silver


Habab was always an active boy and didn’t have many father figures in his life, unless you call the tricks that frequented his mothers whore-house where they lived in Beryl. It brought home some silver but, it hardly paid the rent. Wanting to prove himself a tough guy, Habab took money from his mothers savings and, Entered the games to prove himself a man once and for all, even against the likes of, Grog “the Horrible”.

He met some interesting fellows while in the pits, Yeesup, some lover of children but, not in a creepy way and, some other guy in the Pre-Games. We beat each other with Clubs and fought a comical fight. None of us knew who was hitting who but, ultimately, I won out over the other two. In the next round, a few weeks later, I saw these two again, we were matched up against two other blokes wearing some hevy gear for protection. I decide to tell Yessup that one of the guys kicked and beat down a kid a little earlier. He bought it and just snapped! He charged them head on! I fuckin’ couldn’t believe it but, he charged them. This was what I was looking for, an oppertunity, the other fellow went after the guy too. I followed behind him hoping to launch a calculated Strike after Fending off the others. It nearly worked but, he heaved the other fella in the way who had his shield arm but, to late to stop now. The guy lets go and drops luckily. Think it saved his life, I meant business and, I wasn’t stoping my momentum. If it killed him, it would’ve been an accident but, it just would’ve been part of he show…I’m the same, the crowd runs fickle and, loyality is bought in the open, for a few silvers, like cattle on a farm being lead to slaughter.

I hope I live long enough to face off of Grog, If I keep playing it right, I might be in the finals…then won’t my mother be proud???

Habab Rashab

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