Medhi Ali



Aptitude: Kinetic 4/Criminal/Slave/Pit-fighter

MUS 8 (1)

STA 6 (

VIT 8 (1)

HLT 6 (

CRD 6 (1)

RCT 6 (







Appearance = 4 : Male, Age = 22, Hair = Dirty Blonde, Eyes = Blue

Size = 10 (1 Dmg), Height = 5’8", Weight = 150

Resilience: 8×10= 80 + 12= 92

ENC Capasity: 80

Constitution: 6
2= 8

Kinetic Faculty 2 [Motion/5 chi- Concurrent Actions w/out Penalty/can not be KB]

Chi: 20+12= 32

Initiative Mod: 6, Damage Mod: +9


Upbringing: Good Luck= +4cs, simple or, 1 re-roll per session (free), Toughness 2 (2×6= 12), Kinetic Faculty 2 [Motion/5 chi], Ambidextarity (Duel-Wpns/Equal w/ RL Hand), DareDevil ( 4cs WPR check/Excessive Risk Taking/Stunts) , Overconfident ( -4cs WPR check/will take on any task/foe without fear even suicide Missions) , Blood Lust (WPR check/Loves Close combat and the spilling of others blood) , Short-Fused (WPR check or Negative/Hostile RCN) , Honest (WPR check/Brutally Honest-picks at others flaws/faulters/fumbles/etc) , Tactless (WPR check rude/lude/no manners/sexist/interupts in conversations/etc)


Combat: Melee 5+2= 7, Grapple 2+2= 4, Evasion 2+1= 3, Fend 2+1= 3, Propel 2+1= 3 [Knives/Spears], Armor Use 1+1= 2

Athletic: Jump 1+2= 3, Climb 1+2= 3

Familarity: Swords, Knives, Unarmed, Maces, Spears, Shields

Misc: Native Lang: Snyed/Border-speak 4, Lore: Beryl (1cs/Home)/Pit-fighters 1, Survival: Beryl/Pits 1, Survival: Urban/Streetwise 1 (Beryl +1cs/Home), Slight of Hand 11= 2, Taunt Foes/Other (WPR check or Short-fused= Neg/Hostile RCN) 1+1= 2

Total CP: 30+10+4= 44






Medhi Ali thinks he’s gods gift to the world> He doesn’t care for anyone or what he does. He grew up in the streets of Beryl as an orphan. He was always a loud mouthed punk and, never knew when to shut up. He would take on anyone, anywhere and, without fear. He has no self conciousness and no regrets, he lives for the moment and the moment alone. The people he hung out with used to dare or, bet him to do all kinds of stupid things and, he’d always do them. The more dangerous, the better. Medhi wasn’t the brightest though and, after one such dare where he riped off a local bookie, He went back to the bar where he operated his business out of and bragged about it all over the room. He was captured, beat down and, sold into the slave pits of Beryl. He insults everyone and, doen’t care about their feelings…infact, he’s gotten so good at it, he’s learned how to taunt and goad people into fights by angering them beyond reason. In the Pits, he’s the guy you love to hate, he insults the crowd, the pit-bosses, the magistrate, the trainers, handlers, gladiators…everyone but, because of the insane stunts and, viciously bloody battles he fights, people love to watch what he’ll try next. Everyone hopes that one of his stunts will get him killed or, thet they’ll eventually bite off more then he can chew. It’s only a matter of time before Medhi dies a Glorious Death in the ring…and, everyone is taking bets on how long he’ll last.

Medhi Ali

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