Ra'D Hashion

Core+100/Martial Artist/Pit-Fighter/Gladiator


Aptitude: Kinetic 4 [Core: no kits, etc.]

MUS 8 ( + 1)

STA 6 ( + 1)

VIT 8 ( + 1)

HLT 6 ( + 1)

CRD 6 ( + 1)

RCT 6 ( + 1 / + 2)

PER 6 ( + 1)




CHA 2 ( – 1)

WPR 6 ( + 1)

Appearance = 5: Male, Age = 18, Hair = Brown, Eyes = Green

Size = 15 ( + 1 Dmg), Height = 6’, Weight = 200lbs.

Constitution = 6 + 3= 9

Resilience = 15 * 8= 120 + 24 = 144

Enc. Cap. = 8 * 15= 120

Chi = 32 + 5 =42

Init. = 8


Upbringing: Urban, Good Luck= + 4cs, simple or, 1 re-roll per session, Synergy Fuel (20), Mana Pool (40), Danger Sense (Personal Danger/defensive actions only), Fame (Beryl/South) 2, Accelerated Healing ( + 1 Rate of Healing Factor= 2 + 1=3 res. a day/ + 3 Fatigue/Hour), Iron Will 2 (Able to add 2CS to any Attribute in extreme circumstances/Consiousness/STR Checks/etc., Double Jointed ( 1CS added to any Attribute when attemping to escaping holds/bonds/etc.), Toughness (4×6= + 24), Code of Conduct: Never Kills another Gladiator

Kinetic Faculty 6 [Power/Swift/Free]

Chi = 32 + 5/ + 5= 42

‘Power’ [5 chi] (+ 1 self/- 1cs opponent; Grapple, Fend, Evade, Melee)

‘Free’ [10 chi] Ignore ENC penalties and + 4 CS on any attempt to free themselves from restraint

‘Pull’ 5 Lagged Action (x2 cycles/AM vs. targets: only immediate and direct w/in 5m’) with no penalty


Combat: Martial Arts(Unemcumbered-style)/grapple 8 ( + 2= 10/11(or w/chi))-(Background: Born in Beryl and Trained as a Pit-Fighter since childhood), Melee 4 ( + 2= 6/7(or w/chi)), Fend 4 ( + 2= 6/7 w/chi), Propel 1 ( + 2= 3), Evade 5 ( + 2 + 1= 8/9 w/chi), Soak 2 ( + 2 + 1= 5)[ + 1Dmg-resist/Insightful soak =4 Auto/per session], Personal Tactics 2 ( + 1 + 1= + 2 Int., + 1RS Resist KB/level), Team Tactics 1 (able to Block/Fend for Teamate/other), Armor Use 1 ( + 2= 3)

Familiarity Groups: Swords, Knives, Maces, Improvised, Spears, Maces, Unarmed

Athletics: Jumping 1 ( + 2= 3), Climb 1 ( + 2= 3), Swim 1 ( + 2= 3)

Misc: Survival; Urban/Streetwise 3, Pit-Survival/Fighters 2 (Crowd Working + 1CS= 3), Lore: Borderlands 2 (Beryl/Home + 1CS= 3), Speak Border Speak/Snyed 4, Speak Hru-bha/Grollen 1, Meditation 1 ( + 1= 2), Medical: Aid 1 ( + 1= 2), Anatomy 3 ( + 1CS= 4) (Presure Points/Vital organs/Knowledge of anatomy: per 2 ALU = reduces penalty of a aggravated wounds/incapasitation strikes by 1/level 4= – 4CS + 2CS= – 2CS), Persuade: Intimadation 2 ( + 2CS= 4) [Helps make others yield/give up in the ring with failed WPR check]


Style: Unencumbered [60 ENC/Max.] [Current ALU: 10/11 with Chi]

Non-encumbered fighting is a combat style of specialization in
advanced combat relying on the completely unfettered movement and
senses of the character to leverage them to their utmost in combat.
Non-encumbered means the character can have ENC no greater than half
their EC, regardless of adjustments.

1 +1 initiative

2 +1 CS on Soak checks

3 +1 damage reduction from Soak

4 -1 min. MUS with items

5 +1 CS on Evade checks

6 -1 min. CRD with items

7 Insightful Soak: Automatic full success soak; INT uses per session***

8 Insightful Defense: 1/per session; full auto-fend

9 Insightful Evasion: 1/per session; full auto-dodge

10 Artful Aviodance:???

Current Level of M.Arts: Lvl 10 Abilities

[fend] Can parry melee weapons with a reach of 1 with an unarmed parry

[melee] Knock Back: +ALU x 10 on a full hit for calculating KB vs. unarmored

[grapple] Hold maneuvers do fatigue damage (at initial success only) = ALU; even to armored opponents

[evade] For each 4 ALU, another evade maneuver may be attempted as counter to an already targeted action; it still takes 2 AM. The results are combined to assess total result degree countered.

Tactics: Mostly trust to Martial/Unarmed/Unemcumbered Style for defense: [Martial] Hand-to-Hand/Grappling, Broad-Sword, Small Blades or, Club


Basic clothes (3 sets), ), Boots (2 sets), warm wool cape, overnight pack, bedroll, cook gear (utensils, whetstone, bowl, cup, 1 pot, 1 pan), flint & tinder, lamp, 3 flasks lamp oil, 3 torches, 20m of cord, 2 belts, light tarp, 1 grease tin (waterproofing), 2 small sacks, walking stick (light staff), wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of preserved rations, 1 week worth of fresh rations, Mule with Saddle bags/Chests, 1 crude map of the realms.

Armor: [fitted] [Built for Pit-Fighting]; Leather (1 suit; 8/60 & 23 ENC/Plain)

Weapons: Knife [R-Hip] (2 AM/3 Dmg./2CS Ease)[4 ENC]; Dagger [Hidden Boot Sheath/PER Check to find if searched] (2 AM/4 Dmg/1CS Ease)[5 ENC], Club (+2cs Ease: 4 AM/8 Dmg/painted Black) [10 ENC], Broad Sword [L-Hip] (4 AM/11 Dmg/painted black) [18 ENC]

Holy Symbol: Mizras

Currency: 200 silver crowns

Winnings= 500 from first, ? Mass Combat Silvers?

Total Starting CP= 132

CP = 0, + 2= 2

AP = 3, -3, + 2= 2


Ra’D Hashion [Arabic for: “The Thunder Crusher”]

Ra’D earliest memories are of training in the pits. He’s Father, Ahmed Hashion, was a Gladiator, a Free man and, fought in the pits to support his family. He’s brother, Ra’D’s uncle Hekheem Hashion, was a Pit-boss and Ring agent for his father. Ahmed had Ra’D training in the pits with outhers of his size but, he showed great talent, recovered quickly and, enjoyed the training. It became harder and harder on Ra’D as he grew, they pit him against gladiators of every walk in life, even some grollen. I studied their movements, strengthes and weaknesses…learning about the vital parts of the body, for both healing and, critical strikes against foes. From sun up to sun down, Ra’D trained through every seasons, blistering heat, dust storms…it was all he knew. He would examine the bodies of the fallen to learn more about their Anatomy, Pressure Points and, Vital Areas. Ra’D’s favorite method of combat is Mixed Martial Art(MMA) and, loves boxing and, is an honest pugilist. He knows the tricks of the trade but, prefers to let people live. Giving them a serious beating for entering the ring where he lives though, for, they’re just visitors on his home turf. He takes on some pretty messed up people, rapist, thieves, killers and, every other form of scum and villiany that exists.

Ahmed had trained Ra’D well and, Hekheem thought Ahmed was ready to take on the current champion. He wagered nearly everything but, lost…lost his silver and his life in one of the most famous battles fought ever within the confines of the Pits of Beryl. People still talk about it, it was one of those legendary battles between he and Krog “The Horrible”. Ra’D lives Hekheem’s and covers his lodgings (Large Flat overlooking the Pits), Good Food/Drink/Equipment on a running tab, as almost everone knows him in Beryl. It’s a good relationship and strong loyalties because of his father. Hekheem is a good friend, trainer, manager and, his family…the Blood that bonds their relationship. Hekheem is well known for being a dirty fighter but, one of the best Trainers in all of Beryl. He took over Ra’D’s Training after his father had passed as they ran a Gladiator Training school in Beryl. Hekheem still puts out many great fighters and, Ra’D is one of the best there is…Hekheem would like to see him use some more dirty fighting in the ring but, respects that he doesn’t need it. Ra’D has deadly aim and, powerful strikes and, studies the “Unemcumbered Fighting Style” and, is one of the crowds most favorite fighters as, he’s a Local boy grown tough right there in Beryl and, is famous for his thundering strikes, visious body blows, quick take downs and, broken bones of many of his opponents but, all of them lived to fight another day and, that too, pleases the crowd. Fighters and training is expensive unless you’re a slave so, getting several uses out of a fighter and their short careers is worth something to the other pit-bosses. Nearly all of his fights end in Knock outs and, a lot of his damage to opponents is superficial and, recovered from quickly, this cuts the time the other pit-fighters need to heal and recover, which is also appriated by other pit-bosses. In unarmed combat, you’ll find few who as good as Ra’D “The Thunder Crusher” Hashion.

The Gauntlet/Mass Combat Arena

The Gaunlet challanged Ra’D in many ways with all the traps and pitfalls. It was deadly fun. His luck and agility was able to prevail enough to survive, Kill a Giant Snake, fall into the water, avoid Krog ‘The Horrible’ and, still get 2nd place behind Christian.

In the Mass Combat/Battle Re-inactment of a famous Battle of Beryl’s with our southern enemies. Christian and I picked the hardest route to gain the higher ground. They had three rounds of throwing sprears at us, best to block like Christian or dodge like me, still got tagged a few times. We each faced off vs. two enemies once we reached the higher ground. Krog was holding the back line defences. A large comotion erupted, as people begain flying and scattering in all directions. Krog ‘the Horrible’ went into a blood-frenzy, none of us want to get near him but, we did our best to gather the gladiators up and, out of there as he passed. His fury took him into the stands to the box that held the elites, royal hires. He tore through them like butter and leaped out of the arena into the city, escaping. A massive manhunt went to track him down but, no one wanted to get close enought to stop him so, he was able to flee the city into the wilds. He is know a hunted Grollen and, there is a large reward placed on his head. In the aftermath, we discovered that the royal families hires had done something to Krog. In his enraged state and, blood frenzy, he took out his revenge on their heads…splattering them across the arena. It was quite the scene and, an end to the summer games that will be long remembered. The tentitive peace between our enemies and us is now gone and, we have entered a new war with them.

As a trained warrior and Gladiator of Beryl, I am bound morally to join the war effort against them by volinteering for a Tour of Duty here in the South with the Duke’s Rangers. The pits will always be there when and if I return from the War, may Mizras watch over us all.

This Journal entry was Written by Hekheem Hashion for Ra’D Hashion, ‘The Thunder Crusher’. May the favor of Mizras always shine upon my nephew.

Ra'D Hashion

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