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  • Erick Bundy

    Erick is a serial killer. From a young age he knew his was different. His mother knew he was different too and tried to protect him. His father beat her to death when he found out about the animals he had been killing and how his mother protected him - …

  • Medhi Ali

    Medhi Ali thinks he's gods gift to the world> He doesn't care for anyone or what he does. He grew up in the streets of Beryl as an orphan. He was always a loud mouthed punk and, never knew when to shut up. He would take on anyone, anywhere and, …

  • Haywood Jablowme


    Grew up hard, caught for murder, sold to pits. Persuaded someone to let him keep 100 silvers.

    Fight History

    #1) Bribed guard for an extra chance at weapons and got a shield. Drew a war axe (extra sharp +2), hide …