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  • Wagens

    Wagens got his name because all he could say in border-speak when he first came to beryl was "wagons" - the thing which transported him. His real name is nakrian but unknown to any but him. He barely speaks enough to get by, refusing to learn any more. …

  • Salil Sa'D

    First Combat round:
    Killed 5' nasty squid with claws
    Killed Wagens
    Won first round by crossing to other side, only one that lived.

    Round two:
    Killed one of first boatmen with heavy club to the head!
    Watched …

  • Wesley Pipes

    Wesley was a bumpkin from Nakria who came north to make his fortunes in the border kingdom. He fell on hard luck in Beryl, where he became a man-whore. Soon his fortunes turned and he was a desired commodity - despite his facial appearance. However, …