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  • Ra'D Hashion

    Ra'D Hashion [Arabic for: "The Thunder Crusher"]
    Ra'D earliest memories are of training in the pits. He's Father, Ahmed Hashion, was a Gladiator, a Free man and, fought in the pits to support his family. He's brother, Ra'D's uncle Hekheem …

  • Habab Rashab

    Habab was always an active boy and didn't have many father figures in his life, unless you call the tricks that frequented his mothers whore-house where they lived in Beryl. It brought home some silver but, it hardly paid the rent. Wanting to prove …

  • Medhi Ali

    Medhi Ali thinks he's gods gift to the world> He doesn't care for anyone or what he does. He grew up in the streets of Beryl as an orphan. He was always a loud mouthed punk and, never knew when to shut up. He would take on anyone, anywhere and, …

  • Salil Sa'D

    First Combat round:
    Killed 5' nasty squid with claws
    Killed Wagens
    Won first round by crossing to other side, only one that lived.

    Round two:
    Killed one of first boatmen with heavy club to the head!
    Watched …