Character Creation

9163 Rules: Per Larry:

5 characters.

1 ea. Best practices (20+cha). (we’ll start with these)

1ea core rules (30+cha) 10CP – not Best Practice/no kits

1ea core rules (30
cha) 25cp – not Best Practice/no kits

1ea core rules (30
cha) 50cp – not Best Practice/no kits

1ea core rules (30
cha) +100cp. – not Best Practice/no kits

CORE = Core Rules – not anything beyond. If you have any special trait/skill you want to have contact me about CP cost; though only 1 unique trait or skill – for example you cannot take twist of fate, cause it’s Mario’s. Example: ‘Krog the Horrible’ has the Double Size trait for 10cp. some (or all of you together) may face him.

if it’s not in the Players Guide, better check with the GM. or you may have wasted the CP (no I may not give it back to you if you’ve spent it on something not allowed). see anything not there and not ok’d isn’t allowed. this is not the venue to ‘crack’ out your character. I have neither the time or inclination to babysit character creation, it seems way out of balance I my simply pit them against an unwinable foe (or each other and let the players work it out).

If you want to ask about a specific trait or skills outside of this, contact the GM directly to negotiate something. The intent here is to have fun and keep focused on a narrow spectrum. This is not a world-campaign and these characters will not be used outside of this setting; it needs to stay simple in order for the casual GMing thing to work as well – otherwise its too much time spent on matching players stat-wise and not enough on fun plots.

Generation of attributes = THESE MUST BE WITNESSED. Or send an email to the GM to get a set of statistic generated and he will put them into the character and save a archive copy for himself to aid in planning the play scenarios.

Good/novel ideas may get you CP or AP.


You can spend money on things, but have to pay for your own healing. Before any opponent is chosen for a match, you may retire. Once an opponent is chosen, you must fight. You can walk away with your winnings…


You can choose to be a slave, criminal or other status which basically means you are owned by one of the schools. This means you get less rewards, and have less options of spending rewards, but have your healing completely paid for (from +1 healing factor to +4 for greatest levels of characters). You cannot get out of fighting, you are purely in this for entertainment. You may be able to win your freedom, but horrible criminals will never be released.

You may be facing each other in the arena, either individually, or in teams. so unless you want to piss off the other players you may want to consider your skill/trait/background

Character Creation

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