Kelly's Ideas

These are my ideas i have had about additions to the campaign.

Skill: Crowd Working – Characters can take what they can get for rewards, or take this skill. This is made once at the end of a fight. Failure = no effect; fumble = half reward. Each RS category =+10%; simple = +10%, critical = +50%.

Trait: Trainer’s Words (2 CP) – Characters with this get the benefits of a skilled trainer. They get the trainer’s insight and once per fight can hear their words as they act, saving their life with an automatic full evade or fend check. It has to be declared ahead of time – in other words, it cannot be after a failed check.

- This could be adapted for an offensive version, but there’s plenty of offensive abilities out there.

Skill: Pit Fighter Lore – Characters with this are knowledgeable with the tactics and moves of the enemies that have been in the pits for a season or more. At the start of each battle, a check is made for each opponent. For each RS category of success, that many can be added to a check during the fight. If the same opponent is faced later, for each time the RS category total is reduced by one as they adapt to an opponent trying to exploit their weakness.

Offering for Glorious Death: 1 CP; In an offering to Mizras, god of war, the character gains his favor in the pit. While fighting, the character must spend 1 synergy to counteract each point below 1 damage. If this is done, they will die (no matter the type of damage or if their opponent spares them), but not until they are out of synergy.

Kelly's Ideas

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