Beryl Summer Gladiatorial Games

Beware the Bull [Cuidado el Toro]

Cuidado El Toro

Beware of the Bull! [Ten Cuidado con el Toro!]

Bundy death match

Relatives of Murdered family members hire an Assassin to take convinced serial killer Mr. Bundy very publicly and make a spectacle out of it as a warning to others. “You cannot escape justice by entering the Pits” one family member quoted and “You’ll get yours in the end” said another. [names have been omitted to protect those involved] Game official allowed the last minute addition of a “Mr. Gallows” to extract justice and ‘arbitrate’ for the surviving family members. later it was found that they bribed officials to enter arena with 2 arm bracers of throwing knives.

as they approached each other in the center of the arena Mr Gallows opens up with throwing several knives with lightning speed and deadly accuracy. Making it look like Mr. Gallows is going to made short work of Mr. Bundy before he could get within striking range with his machete. Mr. Bundy rushes Mr. Gallows but the crowd is already less than amiable with the obvious miss match and over use of force. with much booing and hissing coming from the stands they release two of standby participants to liven things up and appease the audience.

[Troy] Takes out Mr. Bundy in a surprise attack, half harah and half boo and hiss. but is hit by Mr. Bundy and his blood spurting knife attack (pulling knife from his own wound). [Kelly R] takes on Mr. Gallows and both end up taking damage. Mr. Gallows and [Kelly R] both bow out as they see [Troy] coming at them with heavy weapons and shield. Mr. Gallows quickly retreats from combat before anything else gets out of hand. there are some boos, but the audience is generally please (or at least appeased) by the outcome.

the medical aid troupe come out to tend to this segments winner that is bleeding out all over the sand []. He seems to be trying to make his way back over to Mr. Bundy, perhaps to check for vitals but is held back by the medical staff attending to his gushing wound. Mr. Bundy is carried from the field on a litter with a linen draped over him. several well known citizens are seen at the staging exit spitting on Mr. Bundy’s remains as he is carried past “deaths door” yelling curses. Later we find out that his bondsman paid a hefty sum to have the medical examiner to take another look at Mr. Bundy’s wounds. Citing to officials “I have a right to protect my investment”. (there are some hushed rumors that he survived, but has not be seen for 6 weeks, there is an unknown prisoner being kept in the lock down area that a private physician checks on daily, he would not comment to us on whom is patient is)

Pavilion Surprise (a.k.a Meet Krog!)

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The Bull has Landed!

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[Erick Bundy] Ladies… i shall return, you know i would never hurt you – only those who would do you harm. Prove your love, send me your hair!

Beware the Bull [Cuidado el Toro]

[Bill] Utterly ridiculous!

Beware the Bull [Cuidado el Toro]
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